I Offer "New Customer Discount" So You Can Test My High Quality eMail Solo Ads


I'm sure you have an amazing product that you're trying to promote but to do it successfully you need high quality traffic...

...real human visitors who have shown interest in similar product like you are offering.

Solo ads is incredible powerful traffic generation method but unfortunately it's hard to find vendors who can provide quality solo ads consistently over a longer period of time.

Inbox Mastermind is here to change it for good! 

Put Our Solo Ads To The Test

Andre Nurmik

There is a lot of solo ad vendors out there and most of the time people ask "What makes you different?".

So let's get this question answered for you as well.

1. My solo ads is 100% direct email traffic like it suppose to be!

No funnel clicks, bots or any other shenanigans you can see on the marketplace. 

Working with me you know exactly where the traffic is coming from.

2. I only provide 100% Tier 1 traffic (USA, Canada, UK, Australia). Yes, this means the visitors are only from the main "buyer countries". No Tier 2 and of course no Tier 3 traffic here.

3. My eMail lists are mainly built through product launches (affiliate traffic). However we also use PPC and Native Ads to build our lists. 

We are not buying solo ads from other solo ad vendors to sell you solo ads!

Our eMail lists are clean and full of fresh visitors who have shown interested or actually purchased products in your niche. 

4. We use ClickMagick for tracking as it's almost a “standard” in the industry.

If you schedule your test solo ad campaign with me we also provide a tracking report link so you can see detailed information about each and every click! 

If You Schedule The Test Solo Ad Campaign, I Will Also...

I will also give a special coupon code that will give you 80% OFF from our best selling training course Solo Ads Secrets.

This training course is a complete "game plan" to make solo ads work for your business.

You can get more info about this training course when you click here.

But remember by scheduling a test solo ad campaign with us I will give you 80% OFF coupon code so you don't have to pay the full price $47.

So Here Is My Offer To You...

I provide solo ads in 3 different niches. Biz Opp, Personal Development and Health & Wellness.

1. Biz Opp solo ads are selling normally for $0,70/click. For test campaign I'm offering you this top notch traffic for $0,55/click.

2. Personal Development and Health & Wellness is selling normally for $0,80/click. For test campaign I'm offering you this top notch traffic for $0,65/click. 

All you have to do is...

What People Have To Say About Andre & His Company Inbox Mastermind

As you noticed I'm not only selling traffic but I'm also working with my clienst to make sure they get the most out of my traffic.

I've done it over a decate and seen a lot of different offers and sales funnels.

I see daily what works and what doesn't.

So if you are not sure 100% that your offer is ready for traffic... let me know!

I will review your offer and give you tips if needed.

Here is How To Schedule Your First Solo Ad and Get My New Customer Discount

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