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How To Go From Zero to Six Figure Trader As a Beginner

Forex Trading Beginners BETA Group

First of all this is not a "get rich quick scheme" it's a program that I will put together based on my experience as a new trader. 

If you are looking to make $100k next month this program is not for you because from my personal experience it's not possible. 

My goal is to build a step by step training program (+ my personal help + you can copy my exact trades) for complete beginners to become independent profitable trader during the next 12 months (yes, 1 year).

I know it doesn't sound very sexy but I like to be realistic. 

But believe me the reward is more than worth it! Lifestyle you can't even imagine. 

Here is my plan that you can be part of!

In January 2022 I'm opening the doors to the program and we will get started step by step.

At the moment I'm only accepting about 20 BETA members who can get started with me. 

Here is what you will get:

1. Step by step video tutorial - We get started from scratch so even if you don't know anything about trading right now, you can get started and change your life for good. 

2. I will share with you my own journey - All the mistakes (so you don't have to repeat them), all the right decisions I made + useful tools etc. 

3. From the beginning you can start copying my trades - Yes, I will send you my own trade signals and market analysis. 

4. I will show you how to get funded - Yes, you don't have to have $100k or more to start making nice money. You can use other peoples money o trade! Even up to $2 million dollars. That's what I personally do. I trade with funded accounts. 

Once the program is completely ready, my plan is to stat charging $1997.

For the 20 BETA members I'm starting the journey in January 2022 I charge one time fee $997

BONUS! All the BETA members will always have direct access to my help and mentorship. This is something I won't include in the program for the public once I will launch it. 

I know there is a lot of softwares and signal services out there and I've tried a lot fo them. Unfortunately the only way you can make money in this industry is if you learn how to trade yourself. 

Softwares and signals can be very very helpful but you as a human being must make the decision! 

That's exactly what I'm here to teach you. 

If you want to be one of the BETA members contact me personally and let's chat if it's a good fit for you and of course I will answer all your questions. 

This program is for SURE not for everybody and it requires a dedication!

Here's some motivation ...

Once you got it even one small trade can make your investment to this course back and much more...